Feb. 21, 2022

The Retirement Account That Pays You

The Retirement Account That Pays You

Get free Bitcoin with Choice IRA

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Choice by Kingdom Trust is a unique retirement account that gives you the chance to win significant amounts of Bitcoin on a regular basis.

This account is great for Bitcoiners, anyone young, working part time, in college, or deep in debt. This is an way for you to start saving money for retirement.

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  • Coinbaseis the place most people start, secure and reliable.
  • Celsius has some of the best interest rates for both borrowing against and earning on your crypto.
  • Voyager is one of the most popular apps for earning interest on your crypto. They are a publicly traded company in Canada.
  • BlockFI is one of my favorite places to earn interest on crypto. They also have a Bitcoin Cash back credit card which makes earning crypto easy.
  • Strike - the Venmo of crypto. Buy, sell and send crypto with no fees. Use my link to get $5, no purchase necessary.
  • I have a Roth IRA with Choice to buy Bitcoin in a tax sheltered account. Traditional IRA's are also available.
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Note: Some of my links are referral links that are mutually beneficial but at this point I have no affiliate relationships with any of these companies.