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I’m a somewhat abnormal guy in my early thirties, especially when it comes to finance. I take inspiration from Mr. Money Mustache and My Money Wizard, among many others and feel that I can contribute to this great community. You can often find me crunching numbers and trying to optimize my lifestyle and finances so that I can reach Financial Independence.

The FIRE community is focused on Financial Independence/Retire Early. It sounds a little out there, but this is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s really just about small optimizations and being a little smarter than the next guy.

Trading stocks while taking a random walk down Wall Street

I am also passionate about Motocross, the toughest sport in the world, and it’s expensive! I was recently featured on RacerX Illustrated! Go check them out to learn more about it! Don’t forget to check out the Moto Money Series too!

Awesome magazine!


More than anything, I want offer advice and ideas on how to succeed financially based on the many hours I have spent reading, researching and learning from others. My main influences include Mr. Money Mustache, Mad FientistGo Curry Cracker, Warren Buffett, and a little bit of Dave Ramsey. I try to keep pace with My Money Wizard.

The main goal is to reach Financial Independence in about 14 years or less, when I’m about 40.

My background:

I grew up in Idaho, and my parents struggled with money, it was something I wanted to be in control of from an early age. I have been investing since I was 18 and have worked in sales and technology and make a fairly average wage for a recent college graduate in IT.

My Family:

This picture cracks me up

I am married to a woman (8 years) who is generally very supportive to my approach to finance and we always make choices as a team. She keeps me balanced in our approach and making sure that we enjoy the here and now, but also helps execute great savings strategies with shopping and cooking at home. We have a little girl almost three years old and a little boy who is still pretty fresh. I am an avid ping pong player and cyclist.

Hey from the family

My Challenges:

We just made a cross country move and live in an area that is all new to us. It’s a lot of change all at once and we are mostly in the boring part of FI, where we have cut about everything we can, so we are trying to make more money. I plan on exploring side hustles over time. 

Random Facts About FrugalStu

  1. My right wrist has been broken for about twelve years now. A piece of my ulna chipped off and is just floating. I recently got an x-ray revealing this and the wrist is a little loose.
  2. My wife and I dated for 3 months prior to getting engaged and were married 3 months after that. If possible I would have married her sooner.
  3. I very rarely use an oven and can hardly cook anything.
  4. I have yet to leave the USA but will one day soon (might be France this fall).
  5. There is not enough time in the world for me to read all the things I want to.
  6. Most are surprised to know I like hard rock music.
  7. I talk a lot of trash when playing ping pong (I’m pretty decent).
  8. My spine is double bifurcated.
  9. Truck racing is my dream job.
  10. My favorite show is Home Improvement.
  11. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch but rarely allow myself to eat it.
  12. I read the first 6 Harry Potter books but not the 7th.