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Solid pod for basics

Succinct, short episodes focused on Bitcoin


First I must admit I am the father-in-law of this podcaster. I am approaching my 60’s and shortly behind that, Retirement! My time is valuable. I fiercely guard it for things I am most interested in and this podcast for those who want to learn more about, and dabble with, or go hard core into crypto investing, IS THE PODCAST for the time-crunched investor. I am not saying this out of bias at all. If it’s my moms podcast and I don’t like it, she’d know it. Because the episodes are brief, succinct and to the point, most of the time, this is worth checking out.

Episode 37

I watched episode 37 was good to hear in the times we are in. Nothing we can do about the market or other investments but can work on debt great information.

Excellent Podcast

Recently found this and I am a huge fan. It’s obvious that Stu puts a lot of time and effort into providing great content. This podcast is a great tool for learning and offers a wealth of information. Does an excellent job of distilling complicated info into basic points. Thanks!

Great advice during a bear market

FrugalStu’d advice to focus on what you CAN control during a bear market is excellent advice not only for your personal finances, but also for life. I love that the episodes are short but insightful.

Helped me to finally understand Bitcoin!

I had been casually watching bitcoin and crypto from the outside for years, but I never really took the time to fully understand it before diving into this podcast. Frugal Stu's Bitcoin FI Podcast clearly explains how and why you may want to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. He makes the whole concept approachable to a beginner. His podcast blends together the ideas of Financial Independence with Crypto Currency, so if you consider yourself on the path to FI I highly recommended checking out this podcast to learn why you might consider making crypto a part of your portfolio. You won't be disappointed !


It’s obvious stu wants to teach about bitcoin and finance simply and clearly and I appreciate that, even though some of it goes over my head

Great resource

I’ve learned a lot and gotten my own little piece of Bitcoin after learning about it from this podcast. Good info for beginners.

Great for a beginner

I’ve recently taken my first foray into Bitcoin and glad to have learned the basics here.

Learning little by little

I’m not that interested in the subject matter but I found the content and explanations helpful.

Good content

Pretty good podcast with solid basics and good insights.


I appreciated this podcast starting at a basic level and working its way up with terminology and giving an overview of the crypto ecosystem.

Wonderful crypto pod!

Informative and super interesting!

LOVE the progression

I love listening to podcasts where the content AND the podcaster improves each time a new episode comes out. It makes it feel so much more real and relatable. It’s obvious that Cole takes his research seriously and he just makes Cryptocurrency much easier to understand. This podcast has helped me with actionable steps/goals too, so I’ve been recommending it to my friends like crazy. Everyone seems to love it just as much as I do!

Stick with it!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one can be hard to follow at times. I attribute more to the fact that the content itself is dry. Currently I have no money invested in crypto, but because of this podcast I feel more comfortable to give it a try. I gave 5 stars because this podcast will get me to move… which I think is the point to podcasts.

Fascinating to a newbie!

I know very little about Bitcoin and crypto, but I am fascinated by it, watch it and trying to learn from it. Frugal Stu is helping me navigate the waters. The concept can confuse me but he helps me understand better and his approach and demeanor allows me to learn step by step without overwhelm. I appreciate this show!

Increased my understanding of Bitcoin

Good podcast to help you understand what Bitcoin is, how it works, the value/benefit, etc. Some of the things he talks about go over my head, but for the most part it’s easy to follow and has definitely increased my knowledge about crypto currencies in general. I recommend this podcast to crypto beginners, or anyone considering investing in crypto/Bitcoin.