Sept. 22, 2021

Intro To BitcoinFI

Intro To BitcoinFI
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Are you doing everything the FIRE movement does but looking for more? Trying to figure out a reasonable approach to crypto without losing your shirt?

That's what I'm trying to explore in my new podcast.

Check out for more blog posts and articles, and get involved in the community.

Coinbaseis the place most people start.

Gemini is a great starting point too, and they pay interest on many coins.

Celsius has some of the best interest rates for both borrowing against and earning on your crypto.

Voyager is one of the most popular apps for earning interest on your crypto. They are a publicly traded company in Canada.

BlockFI is one of my favorite places to earn interest on crypto. They also have a Bitcoin Cash back credit card which makes earning crypto easy.

Email me at if you have questions.