May 25, 2019

Worthy Bonds Update

I have been continually following Worthy Bonds as they continue to become better known. I now have over $300 in my account and interest continues to accrue weekly. It’s nice to see the money continue to grow. I’m adding just $50 a month but also using their round up feature, which rounds up transactions on my main credit card and buys a bond whenever $10 is reached. Their newsletter has some really helpful tips and information in it and I’ve enjoyed seeing my money continue to grow in my account.

Worthy Bonds Review
Stacking that cheddar

Noteworthy Updates From Worthy:

  • In August of 2018 alone they grew 1500%
  • They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • They now support trust and IRA accounts
  • You can now add beneficiaries to your account
  • They used to display interest per bond held, but now they show it for the whole portfolio
  • Downloadable account statements are available
  • The ability to withdraw interest while keeping the principal invested
  • Non-profit entities can buy bonds for their organization and users can donate their bonds to them
  • You can now open up a business account using funds held by a sole proprietorship, LLC’s (including checkbook IRA’s) and corporations
  • New and improved interest reports on web, with mobile app version coming soon

2020 Major Updates

In March of 2020, Worthy sold out of its first series of 50 million dollars in SEC qualified bonds. The original bonds still accrue interest but there is now a new set of 50 million in qualified bonds. They are in the exact same setup as the first, 5% interest, $10 increments.

If you still want to have round up, scheduled contributions or interest reinvested, this needs to be set up in the new fund.

This image shows the old and new group of bonds.

It used to be that the interest earned wouldn’t start working for you until you reached the $10 threshold and it would purchase another bond, but now, your interest is working for you all the time.

Give Them a Try:

If you decide to try them out, we both will get a free $10 bond once your account reaches $100. I’m using them as part of my emergency fund and hopefully to purchase my next vehicle. It seems like they are going places and continuing to improve the app, web interface and add new features. This is one of my favorite apps.

You can find updates on Worthy Peer Capital by signing up on their email list and perusing their past updates here and my original Worthy Bonds review of them here.