Jan. 2, 2023

Why I FI

I thought I would share why I am interested in achieving FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). I will say I am more interested in the Financial Independence part than the Retire Early part. I anticipate that when I reach FI that I wouldn’t necessarily quit my day job, but it would be nice knowing I could, should some unfavorable change or office politics arise.


In my mind, reaching financial independence is a good aim, and will probably be underwhelming when it happens. Nothing really changes when you go from 24x your annual spend to 25x your annual spend. I imagine I will feel a bit relieved that the pressure of work and career is lifted.

Potential Plans

When I reach FI, I imagine I would eventually try to talk my employer into reducing my hours, to maintain benefits. I would try to get 30-35 hours a week, so that my days are not quite so long. Should I consider other jobs, I have interest in doing sales. I think the challenges and process of selling is fun, and tend to thrive on competition. I would love to go back to selling a great product for a good company. I would love to follow the pro motocross and supercross tour and sight see across the nation with the series. Maybe I’d find a role in that industry.

I also wouldn’t mind a change of pace, and I tend to enjoy menial outdoor work. I could see myself working for Home Depot, or as a plumber, or doing tile, etc. I could easily see myself working at Costco, or Cabela’s, or some other store I like. Perhaps a museum would be fun. I would try to work holidays so others could take those days off. I realize that many people are not as fortunate as I am and have worked holidays for years.

I would try to notice people who were struggling, talk with them and try to coach or help them. I would try to mentor younger people I work with in getting solid direction in their careers and education. Essentially I would try to go about doing good.

Dirtbike, Why I FI, financial independence
A nice jump from my youth


I don’t think I’d ever stop working completely, but it might end up being very part time. I’d probably do more cycling, ping pong, travel and ride dirtbikes again. Mostly, I just want options and power to help others. How do you imagine your retirement?