Oct. 9, 2019

Side Hustle Report – September 2019

September wasn’t as good as August for side hustles, but we still pulled in some money on the side. Thank goodness for a big bank bonus!

Let’s dive into the side hustle report:

September Side Money

$25Jobspotter & coinsEasy money
$50Aspiration bankReferral bonus
$50Tradeline Supply Company 
$400Wells FargoBank bonus
$20Personal CapitalReferred a friend
$10Betsee below
$10Worthy Bondsreferral

Total: $570

Side Hustle Report Details:

  • Jobspotter continues to be a reliable source of really easy money as we continue to get to explore businesses and stores in our new town. Occasionally I find coins too.
side hustle report
Jobspotting while walking down the street past local businesses.
  • Got my 3rd tradeline commission from Tradeline Supply Company. Super easy money for the time. I sell authorized user spots on my credit cards to random people. The cards comes right to me, they never see them. They piggyback off my good score and get a credit boost which allows them to refinance cars, homes, etc with better rates.
  • Personal Capital is an app I use to track my money, and they offer $20 for referrals (those who are referred also get $20 to Amazon). For some reason, not every user has the option to refer others. They cap referrals at 100 people and I only have a few left. Sign up through my link and add a brokerage or retirement account with a balance of 1k or more within 30 days to get $20 to Amazon. Really easy.
  • Worthy Bonds loans money to small businesses that are backed by physical inventory greater than the value of the loan. They pay 5% interest. We both get $10 when you sign up and deposit $100 or more for 6 months. There are no fees, and you can withdraw anytime. I keep almost 1 month of my emergency fund here.
side hustle report
Thanks banks
  • Bank churning: Wells Fargo has gone through a lot as a result of their bad decisions lately. Perhaps they are trying to win new customers over with the $400 bonus they are offering. It worked for me, but we’ll see if I keep anything there long term.
  • Bank churning part 2: Aspiration bank is a smaller one starting up. I thought they sounded cool a while back and signed up. I probably won’t use them long term. They have a slant towards being socially responsible and not investing with the oil industry and stuff like that. Unfortunately, they are anti gun and I’m not, so we have a clash of values that I don’t want to be involved with.

The Bet

My wife and I recently took the kids to the state fair. It was packed and a great experience. We enjoyed riding an elephant, watching trapeze artists, listening to music, and seeing my 3 year old go on some rides.

While we were waiting in a line, we noticed some carny’s with an interesting challenge. They had two pull up bars with a timer above. The challenge was to hang from the bar for 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds) and win $100. Of course it costs $10 to play.

We saw person after person try and fail, with the best ones making it to about 85 seconds. I can do a decent amount of pull ups and definitely felt the urge to try, but I’m glad I didn’t. I only made it to 60 seconds when I later attempted it at a park.

I shared my experience at work, and a coworker of mine thought it would be the easiest thing in the world. Despite my sharing that I didn’t see a single person succeed (out of about 15), he insisted that he could do it. Extremely motivated by our lack of faith, he bet my and another $10 he could make it. He got to 93 seconds.

I am now thinking that I need to start training for next year. If I could consistently hang for 120 seconds or so and build up that grip strength, I could bring in some big money at the fair next year.


Easy money is out there. I had basically no extra cost and very little effort to earn an extra $570 this month.

We didn’t have any BabyQuip orders in September, which isn’t bad. My wife has been busy with school (online, Business Management). Actually the business laws in our city are kind of crazy, and BabyQuip may not work out too well in our town. We’ll be posting soon about what you need to know before signing up for BabyQuip.

Thanks for reading my side hustle report.