Dec. 31, 2022

My Highlights

My Highlights

This post provides a quick overview of my life, which will help you gauge whether or not I’m interesting or able to relate to you. I’m in my early 30’s and here is what I consider my highlights:

Teen years:

  • I struggled socially from 6th grade until halfway through 10th grade. I had very few friends, ate alone at lunch every day and was mostly a homebody.
  • During this time I spent 4 years playing video games 6 hours per day. MX vs ATV Unleashed mostly (I was almost unbeatable and still long to play this game), but some Halo and Halo 2. If only I had spent this time reading, doing homework or socializing.
  • I raced motocross and rode dirtbikes as much as possible. The farthest I’ve jumped is about 70 feet, and my last bike was a 2006 RM250, which has a power to weight ratio of a Dodge Viper.
  • I broke 3 bones in 7 places, and got a few concussions (dirtbikes are dangerous).
  • Shot in the head with a roman candle (my idea of fun when I did hang our with friends).
  • Was voted into my Mr. (High school name) High School competition. I became mildly popular as high school was wrapping up.
  • Drove an awesome ratty 1991 Toyota pickup.
  • Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Won a seminary scholarship.
My highlights
Nothing like a bloody bruised burn – good times

Young Adulthood:

  • Served a two year proselyting mission.
  • I’m married to an amazingly supportive woman for going on 5 years.
  • I’ve never paid interest on consumer debt.
  • I was a very good pest control salesman and it paid for my entire college education (and a Toyota Corolla in cash).
  • I was the first direct hire from my alma mater to a prestigious tech company.

Post College:

  • I have successfully raised a flock of chickens for eggs and pest control.
  • On my way to financial independence by 40.
  • I have 3 awesome kids.
  • My longest bike ride was 118 miles and I hold several top segment times on Strava.
  • I am pretty good at ping pong (we have $90 paddles with cases and rubber cleaner).
  • I have had 5 jobs in 8 years post college.
  • I mountain bike regularly and am getting back into dirtbikes.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of who I am. I’ll try to update My Highlights every once in a while. You can also learn more in my About Me page.