July 31, 2019

July 2019 Spending and Portfolio Report

The time has really flown, is it too late to report on my July spending and portfolio report? Well, I’m gonna post it anyway, and this time I’ll give an idea of my investment allocation too.

We spent some time traveling for the 4th of July, visiting the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. It’s a pretty awesome zoo and the kids had fun, as did I. I kicked a goose, which was a lifelong dream.

albino crocodile
It’s not every day you see an albino crocodile.
The anteater was pretty active and entertaining

We did a few fireworks, which are mostly banned in Chicago. No Roman Candle wars like I used to do in high school.

roman candle burn
Nothing like a burnt bloody bruise to celebrate the 4th. This was years ago, and my hair did grow back.

One of my hobbies is motocross, and there is a pro national race just two hours outside of Chicago on July 4th weekend. We made the drive to Red Bud Michigan to witness some of the best riders in the world.

Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac was the class of the field at Red Bud
Red Bud Table top
The 250 class offered lots of close racing
Cameron Mcadoo
Cameron McAdoo demonstrates scrubbing
Ken Roczen whoops
The stock market has resembled this sandy uphill roller section many times
Larocco's leap
This is the largest jump on the professional circuit – Larocco’s Leap.
120 feet across, 40 feet up from a blind take off.
Larocco’s Leap from the other side
Wife and daughter couldn’t contain their excitement

My wife tracked most of this, and while I can’t remember everything that went into miscellaneous, it was a catch all for the vacation. We spent a lot on overpriced food and snacks at the motocross race.

Over 80% of spend in 5 categories once again

Portfolio Holdings

This chart shows which buckets I am using to save for retirement. The plan is to be done with Traditional IRA’s and switch to Roth’s, so those allocations will change significantly over time. The HSA will continue to grow, as will the 401k. I recently switched to the Roth 401k, but it was mostly pretax until this month.

Need more Roth

This is a breakdown of which funds I currently hold, and a lot of it is redundant. This will change significantly over time as some positions will be removed.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my spending and portfolio report. If you have questions about my holdings or strategy, feel free to reach out. I also enjoy helping others identify good funds to use in 401k’s, though I am not a professional. Simple analysis to explain what each fund is doing, how much it costs is all I offer.

Dylan Ferrandis
Looking forward to the thrill of crossing the finish line victoriously someday.