Jan. 17, 2023

GetUpside: My Favorite Gas Rewards App

Buying gas is a necessary evil, at least until I get myself a Tesla (used of course). It’s a staple in just about everyone’s budget. I’ve long been using rewards cards to get money back on gas, but lately have come across something much better: GetUpside.

Shell Gas pump. GetUpside
Fancy old fashioned Shell gas pump


Somehow I came across the app GetUpside when perusing the app store and decided to give it a shot. So far I’m amazed at how great it is! It kind of depends on where you live, but in my area they have cash back to BP gas stations at 35 cents per gallon! This blows other rewards system out of the water, at 3x the next best system I’ve come across. When combined with my Ally card giving 2% back on gas, or the Freedom Unlimited with 5% back (3 months of the year), it’s some serious saving on gas.

Things To Know

Their website says they started in Texas and have gone east from there. It’s interesting that in the Dallas area, they have rewards mostly to Shell, but in my area it’s all BP. You’ll have to download it and see if there are any good rewards to stations you like.

Another trick to this app, is that you have to claim an offer before you complete the transaction. This threw me off several times. If you claim the offer after you’ve already bought gas, you won’t get cash back, so make sure to go to the app before you start buying gas. Additionally, you must get a receipt and upload it within 4 hours of your purchase.

I usually gas up at half a tank and get 8-10 gallons, but my average cash back is about $1.50. When I get a full tank it’s closer to $3.

Gas Pump - Gas rewards
Whip out your phone and claim the offer at the station of your choice before you start pumping.

Cashing Out and Referrals

Getting the rewards out comes as a gift card, a check, or Paypal. They have a wide selection of cards and I lean towards Amazon, Apple store, and Cabelas. You can also get money towards movie tickets at AMC, gift cards to restaurants, home improvement stores, Uber, and some retail stores.

Sign up with my referral link and you will get an additional 15 cents per gallon back over what you would normally get on your first time with the app. Run your gas down lower than normal to make this even more worthwhile. Start referring others an you can get money back for every gallon they buy in the future.


GetUpside is by far the best gas rewards program I’ve ever used, and I hope it can be a benefit to you as well. Every little bit adds up. It’s easy to sign up and start piling up some extra money for date night, some new clothes, or an Uber. What’s your favorite gas rewards system?